Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Summary: Highlights from Last Week

Sunday Summary: Highlights from Last Week
1). Have been thinking a lot this week about the importance of inner happiness and being positive. Life really is too short to spend it complaining and focusing on things which bring you down. I caught myself getting a bit moany about the fact that I am back at work soon but then had to quickly check myself as I thought about the huge numbers of people who are currently looking for work... what right do I really have to complain about a job which I actually enjoy!

I don't know about you but I much prefer spending time with positive people. Afterwards, I always feel uplifted. Sometimes, spending too much time with very negative people is just a bit draining. You find yourself moaning or bitching about something, only to feel quite rubbish afterwards. No, it's not cool and not good for your wellbeing. Focus on the things and people which make you happy. Whenever you feel the need to be negative about something, try and put a positive twist on it. Of course, at first it will be forced, but after a while it will just become second nature.

I firmly believe that we should do one thing that makes us happy every day. That could be reading a magazine, painting your nails, watching Jersey Shore (is that just me?), going to the gym, praying, having a little bit of chocolate... anything.

2). So my first week as a redhead.
I'm about 70% there in terms of feeling fully confident with it. I do like it, but it's a big change and I get a little uncomfortable when people look at me! I told my husband this and in his typical logical fashion, he wondered why I decided to get red hair if I don't want to draw attention to myself... a valid point I guess!

3). I lost 3 pounds this week... Oh yeah!! *Fist pumps*
I realised that I have mentioned my weight loss wishes a lot on here but haven't really been updating on my progress. I will be doing so weekly from now on. I won't lie, I promise... :)

Much Love,

Ekaete xx

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