Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Morning Summary

1). There really is no place like London when the sun is out. Everything looks nicer, people are happier and the general vibe is amazing!

Last week I found myself without a classroom (exam time = random use of classrooms) and a year 11 group that I needed to do some GCSE revision with. Rather than drag them all over the place looking for an empty classroom we decided to go out into the sunshine and revise there instead! So we sat in a circle, eating sweets and revising the history of Nazi Germany.

It was actually great and I think because they were so relaxed and happy about being outside, even the normally quiet ones were getting really involved.

Granted, we did spend the last 5 minutes trying to throw sweets into one one girl's mouth but much learning took place so it was all good!

2). Given the glorious weather we have had, the hubbs and I decided to take our little ones to the zoo on Saturday. We were going to go to London Zoo but it would almost certainly have been horribly crowded so instead we went to Paradise Wildlife Park which is in Broxbourne, just outside the M25. It was so much fun and the kids loved it. Joshua was running around naming all the animals he could remember from books at home and then exhausted himself on the bouncy castle while Micah looked on amused!

We were taking pictures of some lions when the daddy lion decided he wanted some of mummy lion so we swiftly moved on... they're not old enough for THAT talk yet!

Time spent with my boys is so precious to me and I love creating these memories with them so it's always great to go out and have fun as a family.

3). Met up with a good friend today for food and fun in the park. We turned into little piggies in Marks and Spencer and probably bought enough for a family of four but it was all yummy and there wasn't actually much left at the end!!

Had a great time just sitting in the sun, catching up, eating and enjoying a glass (plastic cup) or two of wine.
Don't you just love those people who you can meet up with and literally laugh the entire time? They make life so much more fun!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine... not to put a downer on things but apparently the weather is gonna get a bit crappy next week... oh well!

Take care and much love,

Ekaete xx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Respect Her Gangster

Evening all, Just thought I would do a quick blog post featuring a very beautiful young lady... my baby sister! Well, I say baby... She is actually 19, but she will always be a baby in my eyes. She recently came back from a trip abroad so came round to say hi on Sunday and drop off some gifts for the the boys. She was looking quite awesome as usual so I decided to take a few pics.

Redlips And Roses Pictures

Redlips And Roses Pictures

Redlips And Roses Pictures

Redlips And Roses Pictures

Redlips And Roses Pictures
I just love the way that she will mix different prints and fabrics and styles and end up with a look which is so uniquely her. All the while looking fabulous. Fashion is about having fun, so wear what you want to wear and wear it with confidence.
Much love,
Ekaete xx