Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Nakd

NAKD Cocoa Delight Multi pack Nut bar Images
I decided to do a diet related post today, which I imagine is quite fitting as so many of us have started the new year wanting to lose weight or maybe just adopt a healthier eating regime.

I am currently low carbing (I won't lie, I fell of the wagon a little over Christmas... Meh... what can you do eh?) and this is helping me get back down to pre-pregnancy size.

One thing that I feel is really important is smart snacking. So many times we make bad food choices when we are a little peckish and begin to imagine the need to fill that chocolate bar shaped hole in our stomachs!

A couple of healthy snacks can help ease hunger pangs and also reduce the quantities we eat at main meals.

There are the obvious snacks like fruit or a low fat yoghurt but I just thought I would share some bars I have discovered which are super yummy and healthy in equal measures.

They are called Nákd bars and they use only natural ingredients (mainly fruit and nuts). However, unlike a lot of other so called 'healthy' snack bars they have no added sugar or syrups and are completely raw. In their words, the bars have been literally 'smooshed' together!

Apparently raw food is far healthier than cooked but that's an avenue I am not yet willing to explore!
They are gluten, wheat and dairy free and so are suitable for nearly anyone, regardless of dietary requirements.

Here are the ingredient lists from my 3 favourite flavours, which are the ones shown above...
PECAN PIE Pictures
They are great for carrying around in your handbag for when hunger strikes and you don't feel guilty as they are so healthy.
You can pick them up from any supermarket (I usually get mine from Tesco for about a pound) and also places like Holland and Barrett.

You can read more about them here.

What are your favourite healthy snacks?

Much love,

Ekaete xx

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