Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Argan Oil Love

Argan Oil Love Pictures
For quite a while now, Argan Oil has been the new 'it' thing in the beauty world. It's benefits are supposedly numerous so I decided to jump on that little bandwagon and whilst out at a local beauty store I picked up a bottle.

Rather than get an Argan Oil infused product, I wanted the real stuff so went for pure Argan Oil instead. This one has been blended in with a little Sweet Almond Oil, as with a lot of oils/products applied to the skin.

So far I have used this in two ways. Firstly, I have used it in my hair to tame any frizziness and it works a charm. It isn't too thick and won't leave your hair looking like an oil slick as long as you use a small amount!
It is said to be great for dry hair and can be used to promote hair growth and also as a hot oil treatment before shampooing.

Secondly, I have used it on my face. Usually, I apply Bio Oil to my skin at night but for the past couple of days I have been using this and so far I really like it. It absorbs really easily so your face doesn't feel at all greasy and my skin felt so so smooth. The next morning my skin looked a bit fresher than usual and still felt very soft. Again, a little goes a long way so a couple of drops will suffice for your whole face.

I also used this in the morning today, just to see how my skin would like it and my foundation went on beautifully. So this seems to make a great primer too!

I must stress that I have only been using this for like two days and everybody will react differently to oils, especially when used on your face. But my experience of it has been great. I even woke up this morning to find that a pesky spot I had on my forehead (ewww!) had disappeared.
Argan Oil can be used for:

  • dry skin
  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • stretch marks
  • scars
  • weak nails
  • chapped lips
  • dry/frizzy hair

I am very interested in the beauty benefits of different oils and so also picked up some Jojoba Oil which I haven't yet used. I am already a Coconut Oil lover and sometimes use it in my hair or as a moisturiser. I actually used it throughout my pregnancy too in order to keep those pesky stretch marks at bay and I would recommend it highly! So many of the hair and beauty products we use contain small amounts of natural oils so why not leave out the chemicals and get straight to the good part?

Do any of you use any natural oils as part of your beauty routine? If so, which ones do you recommend?

Much Love,

Ekaete xx

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